My Reading History

By Ava Parampil

Favorite Book

So far, my favorite book has been Perfect by Natasha Friend. Its about a girl named Isabelle, and she has an eating disorder that she suffers with. Her dad had died, and that put more pressure on her. She struggled with a lot, and her mom put her in therapy. This book is her story.

Encouraged and Discouraged

I've been encouraged to read a lot of times, my family loves to read, and their always talking about books in front of me. But as much as I'm encouraged to read, at times I'm discouraged. I sometimes feel no motavation to read.

The Books Above Are Three I Loved

Future Reading Plans

I plan in the future to continue reading, but read a lot more!

What I Learned

Creating this Infograph, I've learned about myself, I love books, and should probably read more!

A Reader

I would consider myself a reader, I get entertained by books, and once I pick one up, I can't put it down until I'm done.

Honestly I think its important to be a reader, not just for the thrill of it. But it helps the mind. Studys have shown, books can make you smarter.