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Our product was not made during 1800's our product was made in modern time to help the children of the present and future. Our product is healthy, nutritious, delicious, and it increases the consumer's mental intelligence temporarily. Warning the effects only last 5 minutes per chip. Do not expose chips to extreme temperatures. Do not eat more than 2 chips within a 10 minute period.

Sea Smarts Inc.

We are not a very big company but bigger isn't always better. Seth Richardson runs sea smarts and our company is relatively small but rest assured we are a good company mainly because of the industrial revolution, which was the dawn of machinery and the factory system, which brought many people and machines under 1 roof. One of these machines was the cotton gin which was invented by Eli Whitney. The cotton gin was designed to collect cotton 100 times faster than humans. We used to ship our products along the Erie canal which was connected to New York. Now we use the American system which was much faster. Something we don't tolerate is sectionalism thinking of only yourself.
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