TeamSpeak server rental

TS3 server Dawn of server you have the optimum performance in every battle. Very short latency period and the perfect voice quality speak for themselves. The various codecs Teamspeak 3 server can all be used in full without thereby interfered with the flow of the game is the game with us. The file server can be used freely by other users files in the TeamSpeak server to provide for disposal. In our TS3 server hosting all banners and names can be changed. , the user rights of the TeamSpeak 3 server can be set via our interface completely back. Dawn server offers you a backup system for your TeamSpeak server which can be operated via the web interface. Creating backups of Jerderzeit own TeamSpeak server and play back directly in the web interface simply by clicking.

Updates to the TS3 server

Updates are downloaded from Time near to us on any TeamSpeak server. The TS3 server is constantly evolving and updates will be made at regular intervals of TeamSpeak for disposal. The client updates are available on the website of diekt TeamSpeak.

Operating system on which Teamspeak 3.

TeamSpeak offers now for all major operating systems to a teamspeak 3 client. Whether Windows, Mac or Linux operating system each has its own client for Android and iOS is even the TeamSpeak client for disposal.

Location of the TeamSpeak server

The Vent Server our modern data center in Dusseldorf, the servers have an external connection of over 170 gigabits per second. The host systems have latest Intel technologies and are designed to redundant to allow for easy operation.