Jane Ball Happenings

Nov. 16-Nov. 20

Shout Outs and Congrats!

Congrats to Gay Plants on becoming a Grandma again! Gay's daughter Meagan is doing well as is baby Gabriella!

Congrats to Tracey Lakomeks son Eric on winning the Power of Children Award Winners. He was offered a partial scholarship to either IUPUI, Butler or University of Indianapolis.

Congrats to Lisa and Leslie on moving into their new homes!!!!!

Way to go Dawn, Tammie and Mallorie on an excellent Veterans Day Program!

Special thanks to Bob Bea and Lori on helping organize refreshments for the ribbon cutting as well as making sure the ribbon was ordered and in place.

Upcoming Trainings and Curriculum Mapping update

Please email me if you are willing to lead a "tech Tuesday" Consider sharing your expertise on some technology (class dojo or other app.....google doc.....smart board....etc) I will award some pgp points for volunteers and of course a jeans coupon!!

Mary will be scheduling curriculum mapping sessions in Dec. We are working out dates as we speak. Grade 5 will meet on Nov 23.

Marcie will start working with groups this Friday. She will be meeting with groups at 8:00 for now.

Julie, April, Tracey Lakomek and I will be doing a webinar on Tuesday at 9:30 in the conference room on Star 360. If anyone has any questions that need to be answered please email us so we can talk to the trainer.

This week I will be meeting with grade level chairs on Nov. 18th to work on our school improvement plan.

What's Happening!


8:00 Book Fair Preview in Library

Math Committee meets in Bea's room.


8:00 PD time

Deb has case conference

9:30 Deb April Julie and Tracey Webinar-Star 360 conference room

6-7:30 Math Night


8:00 PD time! Work on your individual "best practices" study.

ALL day-Grade Level Chairs School Improvement Plan (conference room)


8:00 Team Meetings

11:00 Deb at Admin

3:00 Spell Bowl Parade

5:00 Spell Bowl at Col. John Wheeler in Crown Point-


8:00 Marcie with Primary grade levels in Library

Deb meets with grades 3-5 ISTEP Math/ELA info. Science lab

Specials meet with Leslie (Leslie's Office)


Benchmarks K Nov 9- Dec. 18

1-5 Jan 4-14 (Students in tiers 2 and 3 only)

Next Star test Jan 19-29

Recess updates

Please make sure your students are dressed appropriately for recess. If you know your student is in need of a coat please let me or Leslie know. Also we had an abundance of students who "forgot" their coats for recess. Please check the students before you bring them to lunch or recess.

Please pick up your students by the cafeteria after all recesses. This will help us maximize our recess times.