wind power rules

Ways turbines effect nature

Wind turbines are danger to birds and bats because they collide with the blades.

Also wind farms use a lot of land space which forces wild life away from they're habitats.

Wind turbines don't only harm animals they also harm humans,by giving us headaches,sleep problems and nervous disorders.Turbines also have lots of vibration issues and are very loud.

How do wind turbines work

Wind passes through the turbine blades on the right angle forcing them to spin.

Connected to the turbines there are wires that run under ground and either run to a

Generator or to the street wires.

Areas with strong wind

Some places with strong wind such as the tropics,valleys,mountain terrains,deserts and the sea have lots of different areas with different levels of wind pressure.wind starts from air hitting different wind pressures.

When we started using wind turbines

We started using wind turbines in 500bce in Persia.Also the Chinese started using wind mills in 200bce to pump water.The rest of the world started using wind as power in the early 1880.

Fun fact

One of the fastest growing energy in the world is wind power!

Why are wind turbines so tall

Wind turbines are tall because there is more wind

high in the sky because it is a more open than the