Dare To Love !

Equal Rights For All People

Support The Protest , Love Isn't Hopeless!

Help support the protest and make Same Sex Marriage acceptable amongst our everyday people, help us show them that it's okay to be gay! On average, at least 42,198 gay people killed themselves or died by their actions due to the violence they may have received and the pressure of being gay and either being " in the closet " or openly gay and having no one accept you!

Every Wednesday , Come Spread The Word To Everyone!

Come join us and get the word out that being gay really isn't a problem! We are all people and we should all treat each other as such rather than treating each other with hate and disrespect. Share worldwide love and help others feel good about themselves.

Here are some of our top instructors! You can find them on the website listed below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people ask what the point of this is or why we are even trying to raise awareness , but we are doing this to get justice for same sex people. Being gay isn't going to ruin your life if you're straight. If anything , gay people make great wingman so they say lol!

We All Deserve The Right To Marry!

Join Us On December 1st, 2014 at the West Haven green as we protest for equal rights! Protest will begin at 4:30 pm - Until!
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