The Maycomb Times

May, 16, 1932

Maycomb Man Attacks Children

Bob Ewell died yesterday around 12:00am by the old maple tree by the Radley house. He was attacking the Finch kids, (Jem and Scout) when he tripped and fell on his knife. The knife he was using was a kitchen knife according to Sheriff Heck Tate. Tate also said "Bob Ewell fell on his knife."

Atticus Finch the father of the two children says that " Of course it was clear cut self- defense."

Which is opposing Sheriff Tate's story. But all in all the children are okay and safe. So for now it doesn't seem like a thing like that will happen for a very long time here in Maycomb. If it does we will be very unfortunate. Some people do get drunk and do stupid things so we will never know, but let's hope it doesn't, because if it does many people will be wondering if Maycomb is a safe place to raise their children.

Rabid dog loose in Maycomb

This morning on a residential street in Maycomb there was a rabid dog shot dead by a local Maycomb resident, Atticus Finch.

Atticus finch said, " I didn’t want him to cause any harm to anyone. Cause my children were playing outside when he came down the block. Heck then proceeded to hand me the gun, so i just pulled up the gun and shot.

Calpurnia says, “This afternoon the dog Tim Johnson came running down the street by the house.," I called Mr. Finch’s office and asked for Atticus I told him that there was a rabid dog on the loose and to get home as fast as he could.”

Other Maycomb residents watched this incident from their front windows, such as Miss Maudie Atkinson, Miss Rachel Haverford, and some others. There were only a few kids watching. If more were some kids would’ve been horrified and not liked Mr. Finch


Tom Robinson died the day after the trial. He was running from the guards during their free time. The guard yelled at him to stop but he didn’t and was shot 17 times. One account of one of the guards was “He was running fit to be lightning.”

Tom Robinson was convicted of the crime of raping Mayella Ewell and was taken to the state jail. The convicts have their free time right after their lunch period which is from 12:00 to 12:45. About half way through the free time, “Tom was running so fast he couldn’t hear anyone” another account said.

“When the kid was running he probably could’ve been in the Olympics.” said one of the Guards that was outside when Tom was trying to escape.

He is survived by his wife Helen, and his two kids. He loved playing with his kids whenever he could. His family will miss him dearly and so will most of the colored community.

U.S Woman Looking to Compete in the Olympics

This year the Olympic games will be the first time to have women compete alongside with the men. there are six events for the women to compete in. These events include the javelin throw, the 80 meter hurdles, 100 meter dash, the discus throw, the High jump, and the400x100 meter relay.

One U.S. American woman is looking to medal in not only one event not two but three events. Her name is Mildred Ella "Babe" Didrikson Zaharias. She is looking to place in the Javelin throw, High Jump, and 80 meter Hurdles. She said, " Placing isn't going to be very hard because I know I train harder than any of those gals out there."

All of us here at home are very excited for the girls to go to Los Angeles, California. It must

be very hard for their families to be with ought them for very long. We wish them all the best of luck.

Snow, Snow, Snow

For the first time in many years it has snowed here in Maycomb. There will be no school today so kids get on those muck boots of yours and get outside. The last time it snowed in Maycomb was almost over 100 years ago.

Many people believe that when it snows in the deep south it is because of naughty children. When asked what she thinks is happening Mrs Cunningham said, "It is because this town is not what it used to be. We used to be better than this. Better than to charge any man in this town of rape if it clearly didn't happen."

Mr Atticus Finch stated, "This is the first time that my children have gotten to make a snowman. Not many people in this town can say that they have made a snowman."

There isn't enough snow to do much but if you're creative you can think of something to do with it. So ask your parents for some help and get to work

Letter to the editor

The trial outcome was very bad I do not believe that Tom was guilty. The whole time Miss. Mayella Ewell was changing her mind about what happened. She clearly was beaten by a person who was left handed. Tom Robinson clearly couldn’t have beat Miss Mayella.

I believe that Mr. Atticus Finch should take this trial to a better court and have a new hearing. Our court system is so out of order that they cant tell who is guilty and who isn't. They are so racist that no colored man gets a fair trial.

I would like to thank Mr. Finch for being kind enough to defending this man it was very thought full of you and I know you tried your hardest to defend Mr. Robinson.

I just hope that Tom gets off without dying it would be a disgrace to our town if we killed a innocent man. So anyone that can please help to save this mans life.

Mrs. Maudie Atkinson

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am very mad about Atticus Finch shooting my dog. Tim was my pride and joy. He was a son to me. He has always looked like that and has never hurt anyone, so I don't see why he had to be shot.

As for Atticus I want him to get me a new dog to replace Tim even though nothing ever will. The kind of dog was a German Shepard mixed with a Boarder Collie. I know tough to find but that's what you get you piece of trash. That dog was over $200 dollars so tough luck trying to get it back.

I am very heartbroken right now so that is all I have to say about this.

Sincerely, Harry Johnson

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