SleepLab's Anti-Snoring Review

Does SleepLab's Anti-Snoring Work? Read Our Report

While it happens when you are asleep, snoring can affect your quality of life and that of your beloved ones. One study found that if left uncontrolled or untreated, snoring can start causing chronic headaches, light sleeping, obesity, strain on the heart, and low blood oxygen levels, among other things. Snoring can also lead to more serious respiratory problems over time.

One of the easiest ways to prevent snoring is by using a quality anti-snoring device. In this piece, we are going to look at SleepLab Anti Snoring, a small gadget that is setting itself apart in the world of anti-snoring devices. We did our research, even bought and used the gadget, and put together this in-depth review. So if snoring is bothering you and your beloved ones, you might want to read through and find out why you should order the SleepLab Anti Snoring device today.

What is SleepLab Anti Snoring?

SleepLab anti-snoring is a magnetically-functioning snore stopper designed to stimulate respiratory muscles when you are asleep and make breathing quiet and gentle. Snoring occurs when the respiratory muscles and laryngeal musculature become slack, resulting in blockage of the airwaves. Somehow, the air has to get into the body, and as you breathe heavily, sounds are generated.

SleepLab Anti Snoring is designed to help relax your muscles and keep them active through the night so that your breathing is as normal as when you are awake. This is truly a unique innovation against snoring, and I must say, the product is taking the industry to a new level.

Why Do I Need SleepLab Anti Snoring?

As I pointed out earlier, snoring can affect your quality of life, and there sufficient scientific evidence that attests to this fact. It is also important to note that if you don’t prevent or treat your snoring, it may give way to more serious respiratory problems over time. So why wait, when you can start treating your snoring today with this inexpensive anti-snoring device?

The magnetically-functioning snore stopper detects even the slightest snoring activity when you are asleep. It utilizes micro-impulses, which stimulate muscle contraction, helping to keep your airways open through the night. The device is very easy to use; just stick it under your chin, turn it on and go to sleep.

Perhaps the best thing about SleepLab Anti Snoring is that it comes with a mobile application that will track your sleep behavior so that you can analyze your snoring activity when you wake up. This way, you are able to track your progress easily.

SleepLab Anti Snoring Rating and Recommendation

Scott Sterling from California is a happy customer. He says that at first, it appeared strange that such a small device could actually prevent snoring through the night. But once he started using it, the snoring stopped, and he has always had better sleep than he used to have without the gadget. For him, the product has successfully helped him manage nocturnal snoring and breathing difficulties while he is asleep.

The anti-snoring gadget’s magnetic functions stimulate the user’s muscles leaving them open through the night so that breathing occurs normally. Sterling points out that even his mornings became better because he no longer had bruises, sore throat, and his chest cavity didn’t feel as heavy as it used to feel when he was not using the SleepLab Anti Snoring device. He notes that “when your sleep is disturbed, even in the subconscious, your health is going to be negatively affected with time.” “This is a product I can recommend for anyone with a snoring problem,” he adds.

SleepLab Anti Snoring Technical Features and Facts

Magnetic Function

This is the main feature of this top-shelf gadget. It delivers electromagnetic impulses to the user’s laryngeal muscle to start stimulation immediately when they start snoring. The electrode impulses are automatically adjusted depending on the intensity of the snoring.

Compatible with a Smartphone

The snore stopper comes with a mobile application that monitors your sleep behavior and analyzes the data collected. You can also control the gadget with your smartphone and change settings as needed. You can even record your sleep, as well as your breathing.

Long Battery Life

The battery takes just two hours to charge and lasts up to 15 hours, which means you can use it for two days (assuming you sleep for 7 to 8 hours) without having to recharge it.

Easy Usability

Unlike most other products, the SleepLab Anti Snoring gadget is easy to use. Attach the magnetically-functioning electrodes under your chin, turn it on and go to sleep. Once you start snoring, the product will deliver electromagnetic impulses that will instantly stop the snoring.

It is also important to note that the device won’t fall off as you sleep. It is also comfortable, soft, allergy-free, and made of premium quality material.

Here’s some technical information:

  • Pulse range: 10Hz to 1500Hz
  • Power Adapter: 3.7Volts/80Mah
  • System Supports: iOS and Android 4.3
  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Continuous working time: Up to 15hours
  • Net Weight: 10g
  • Working Mode: S/T
  • Product Type: Snore Stopper

The package contains 1 Snore Stopper, 1 USB Cable, ten patches for sticking the device under the chin, and one charging station.

SleepLab Anti Snoring Gadget Reviews

We scoured the net for customer reviews and found several testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers. Of course, there are a few that aren’t 100% satisfied by the product but, overall, it appears that the device has impressed many. We noted that the magnetic function feature and the size of the product stood out for most of the happy customers.

Where to Buy the SleepLab Anti Snoring Device

The manufacturer has a working website through which you can directly place your order. And they are giving every new customer a 50% discount for every purchase, so hurry before this limited offer expires. Once you place your order, the shipping is on them, so you can expect your package at your doorstep free of charge. Plus, they have multiple payment options for flexibility.

You can contact them through +442038089234 by phone or by mail via