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Welcome to the April issue of Connected. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. While students and faculty are engaging in remote instruction and most staff are working remotely, Rutgers University–Camden has not slowed down. This month's newsletter contains suggestions for connecting with students virtually using Raptor Connect. In addition, you will find information about enhanced and upcoming features within the platform as well as results from this semester's progress reporting.

Academic Progress Reporting closed on April 3, 2020. More than 600 faculty members issued progress reports to more than 6,100 students during the Spring 2020 Progress Report campaigns.

RU (Virtually) Connected?

Do your students know how to connect with you virtually?

Here are few suggestions to incorporate into your virtual communication plan:

  • Encourage students to log-in to RaptorConnect to check for active appointment campaigns and unread messages in their communication folder.

Using the Appointment Center to Manage Appointments from Home

The Appointment Center in RaptorConnect serves as the department's Office Manager. Using Appointment Center, users can schedule appointments, edit appointment details, cancel appointments and view a list of daily scheduled appointments for the entire department. The Appointment Center is located in the lower right hand corner in RaptorConnect, under Additional Modes. Click here for instructions to use Appointment Center.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How far into the future do appointments appear in the Appointment Center when you search for a student? Answer: Scheduled appointments for the next six days will display for the student.

Can I schedule an appointment with a student during a time they have class? Answer: Students cannot schedule an appointment for themselves during a time in which they have a scheduled class. However, advisors are able to override the course conflicts. Within the Appointment Center, click into a time with the staff member on the scheduling grid to schedule the appointment, even if the student has a course conflict.

Why don't I see a staff member in Appointment Center that has availability for today?
Staff members who only have Campaign Availability for that day will not show up in the Appointment Center. Only Staff who have either Appointment or Drop-in Availabilities for that day will show in the Appointment Center.

Enhanced Platform Features

Ability to Schedule Campaign Appointments Over Courses

The latest system update provides users the option to remove the class schedule restriction to allow students to schedule appointments over times they would otherwise be in class. This feature only applies to class schedules and not Outlook calendar sync times. This option, for now, is only available in Appointment Campaigns.

Users may edit existing campaigns to remove the restriction to allow students to schedule over their courses.

Addition of Time Zones in Appointment Scheduling

Throughout RaptorConnect EST time zone is now listed so that staff and students who may be in alternate zones have confirmation of appointment time. Areas in the platform that display time zones include the bottom of each page of Staff Home, all user calendars, Student Scheduler, the student Upcoming Appointment box on Student Home, and Upcoming Appointments on Staff Home.

New "URL/Phone Number" Field for Appointment Scheduling
EAB has added a dedicated section to the add/edit available meeting time in My Availability. Add your personal Webex information so students know exactly how to connect. Click here to open EAB's special release notes for this feature. Click here for Rutgers Webex instructions to create your personal Webex account.

Ability to issue mass alerts for up to 100 students at a time.

The alerts will generate one alert per student. This will be available in Advanced Search, Staff Home (My Students), new Standard Reports, and other drop-down menus where you were previously able to issue a single alert from the Actions menu.

New Reports Coming!

In early 2020, EAB released a new set of reports for testing by administrators. The goal is to consolidate the number of reports (from over 40 to only 14!) and standardizing data elements across the reports. Many of our current reports show redundant data to other reports, while others lack information such as RUID. All new reports will contain the RUID field as the "Alternate ID".

Testing is underway and we anticipate rollout to all users at the end of the spring semester via a web conference. Until then, click 'View Legacy Reports' to open the current list of reports.

Below is sneak peek of the new reports!

Hi! I'm EABert.

EAB is launching a new technology to help users navigate the SSMS. EABert is a virtual "assistant" to give users more insight and context into certain features and functionality. Hovering over the EABert icon, will open insights into how best to use the particular feature. Users will start to see EABert throughout the platform very soon!

Spring 2020 Progress Reporting Results

Locating Progress Report Information in RaptorConnect


If your permissions allow, you may access students’ Progress Report information on their student profile located in the History Tab. Scroll down to the History section, click the triangle next to the word 'History' to pull down the option menu, then select 'Progress Reports'.


Begin Date: 2/13/2020 - End Date: Today's Date
Filter Options: Appropriate Advanced Filters and/or My Students Only

Student Progress Reports
This report provides a summary of all submitted Progress Reports. Use this report to see instructor comments for students without concerns.

Students Flagged At-Risk
This report provides a summary of students who received a progress report indicating concern in one or more courses.

Detailed Student Flagged At-Risk
This report provides extended detail of students who received a progress report indicating concern in one or more courses. It also provides a link to the individual student’s progress report.

Updates to Categories, Tags and Alerts


Withdrew Current Term

Withdrew Last Term

Withdrew (beyond last term)


Applied for Graduation - May, 2020 (Updated 4/13/20)


New! Covid-19 Related Issue

Alert will reviewed by Dr. Jason Rivera to determine the proper case manager.

Resource Center

Managing Remote Teams

EAB's managers guide to effectively collaborate virtually with staff.

Running Effective Remote Meetings

How to run effective meetings in a virtual environment.

Request New User Access / Change User Access Form

Please use this form to request or change access to RaptorConnect. After your supervisor’s approval for access, new users must review and agree to follow FERPA guidelines for accessing student data.

Text Messaging

The number of text messages users can send at one time has increased from 50 to 100 students. Please see the new Text Messaging Configuration/FAQ and Text Messaging Guidelines.

User Guide for Communications

Student Messaging Through the Platform

  • Alert Notifications
  • Recording Attendance
  • Case Notifications
  • Appointment Communications

How to Thrive During Peak Advising Times Webinar

As a member of EAB, Rutgers Camden Faculty & Staff are invited to utilize EAB's extensive library of higher education research and resources. To access EAB’s research and resources, you must Click here to create an account.