Angkor Wat

By: Zander Duchano


Cambodia is a place full of wounder.It has the 7th wonder of the world Angkor Wat Temple. Cambodia is a wounder us place

Angkor Wat History

Angkor Wat is located in Cambodia. Angkor Wat is a temple built around 1113 and 1150 B.C.E. Angkor Wat means temple city. Angkor Wat is a temple dedicated to the god Vishnu. It is 213 feet tall, they had to drag sandstone 18 miles down river. It is said to be the 7th wonder of the world.


Angkor is the village in witch Angkor Wat lies. In the center of the temple is a giant tree.there is a bridge that stretches across a giant river.


Angkor Wat consists of The Buddhist beliefs. The monks of Angkor are the inhabitants of this temple.That is the life in Angkor Wat Cambodia. The monks are the people that gave away all worldly possessions.

The Buddhist of Angkor Wat are the nicest people in the world. the towers of Angkor Wat are said to be the closet thing to Buddha.