The Anderson Connection

Keeping you in the loop


Please remember that our Science PSSAs will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, April 23 and 24. They will begin promptly at 9:00 AM and continue until about 10:30 each day. Please make sure the kids have a good breakfast and plenty of rest each night. Thanks for your help in making them feel prepared and ready!

Living Organism Research


We have been working away on our Research here at school and I know all of you have been checking in at home. All of the kids have successfully written a 5 or 6 paragraph essay through steady pacing and guidance. They have typed them in compter lab, edited them to the best of their ability, and most have turned their final paper in to be graded. Next week, we will craft their Wax Museum speech which will be an abbreviated version of their paper. The Wax Museum will be taking place in our CLASSROOM not the LGI as originally planned. The kids are excited to share their paintings and hard work. Please make sure that their Project comes in on Monday. The kids will be sharing these projects in class next week. Thank you for all of your follow-up at home with this. I know how busy this time of year can be!

Terrific Alaskan Tide Pool Travels

Friday, April 26th 2013 at 1:30pm

301 Railway Avenue

Seward, AK

We are looking forward to a very special VIRTUAL FIELD trip to wrap up our Watery Earth Unit next week. We will be engaging in a live field trip to the Alaska SeaLife Center to learn about invertabrates found in Alaska. Make sure to ask your child if they enjoyed this interactive experience. We visited the website yesterday and they were fascinated! Thanks to the Central Bucks School District for funding this educational program! We are very fortunate to have these opportunities available for our students.

UNIT 9 MATH TEST on 4/25

We will be concluding our unit long study today. Kids have been given a Review Sheet today and will have almost a week to prepare. Multiplying with decimals went well yesterday and the kids really seemed to understand the concept of placing the decimals in the quotient. Thanks for all of your help and support and at home. I know how much support and practice you provide at home and it really makes a difference! Please e-mail me with any questions.