all about the sun!

by: Gracie Carroll

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this is the sun!

This is the sun, the sun is like one big ball of super hot burning gases. The sun consists of many gases but the two most popular are hydrogen and helium.
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the above picture shows a clear image of sunspots. Sun spots are the cooler areas of the sun which are found in the photo-sphere. Sunspots can cause solar flare ups and other big storms and problems.
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prominence is a large, bright, gaseous feature extending from the sun. It is anchored towards the sun and is extended outwards towards the suns corona.
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solar flare

a solar flare is a sudden light of brightness which occurs near the suns surface. A flare occurs when enough magnetic energy has been released which causes the flare up in energy.
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an aurora is sometimes referred to as the polar light, an aurora is caused when the magnetosphere is disturbed by solar winds and produces charged particles.