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A little Friendly Competition

Today I had a chat with an American stylist from California whom I am friends with and she dared to say that there was no way that I could collect more orders than her in the first 2 weeks of May. There was some banter back and forth, some smack about the Canucks losing to San Jose, and then the competition was on! :) Winner gets bragging rights and the loser has to email to their participating customers a picture of themselves saying either Canadian/American Stella & Dot stylists rule! It has become a matter of National Pride and I would love your help! :)

I've got a great way for YOU to earn Style Rewards while you're sitting at home in your jammies and you'll receive some great goodies in return! I will email you with the words to say and you hit send to all of your fabulous friends. :) What have you got to lose?

Here's the deal: Gather $500 in sales and earn a companion bag! Call people you know who may need Mother’s Day gifts, Teacher gifts, Grad gifts, or a little something-something for themselves!

Gather $750, earn a bigger bag! Gather $1000 and you can pick the getaway bag you love the most. (I love the multi-stripe!) Of course if you host a trunk show, this will all still apply on TOP of your Style Rewards. Keep the gift for yourself or use it to give to your bestie for her next birthday.

Just email me with the subject field I LOVE FREE STUFF and I'll set up an online trunk show in your name to collect the rewards. The trunk show should be time limited to 24 hours.

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Say Hello To Bags! | Stella & Dot

The must have Weekender Bag

Customers and Hostesses are LOVING the Getaway Weekender Bag!

This bag is so big you could fit all your groceries, your purse and more inside!

Use it as a beach bag, a carry all, a diaper bag, or a carry on for travel!

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The best thing about our bags? They are all wipeable and waterproof!

Perfect for all your summer travels yet durable enough for every day use!

How Does She Do It?

This bag is all you need - it transforms from a carry-all to a satchel, depending on your day!

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Even better in person...everyone wants to get their hands on them so I'm booking up FAST!

Day Time - Cupcakes and Coffee after school drop off or a quick office show

Monday May 6

Tuesday May 7

Wednesday May 8


Friday May 10th - this is my last weekend spot!

Wednesday May 22

Don't see a date that works for you. Please be in touch and we can see if we can make arrangements.

Want it ALL and then some? Join my thriving Team!

Try Stella & Dot on for a season and see where it takes you! :)
Launch Strong as a Stella & Dot Stylist | CA
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