Life of an Agriculturist!

Living with animals.

What is it like in the life of an agriculturist?

Do you ever ask yourself: what about being an agriculturist would I like? What does this job envolve? Do I need education or training? What's the Job outlook? Will I make enough? What is this career closing related to?


You can be an ariculturist with no education or training. If you would like to be more knowedgable in this career you can further your education by taking veteranary classes as well as learning weather/ season patterns.

A day in the life of an Agriculturist!

All in a days work!

You will need to be able to opperate heavy mechanary, raise livestock, understand the medical needs of all animals on the farm, handle and produce hay, and other crops.

Dawn to Dusk, and all between.

Being on a farm there is no 8-5 hours like being in an office. You will be up all night sometimes, you will be required to be ready for all lives unexpected events.

Job Outlook and Income!

Annual income is around $60,000. Job outlook is around a 9% growth rate for the next ten years.