Industrialized America

Aria Maki

J. Piermont Morgan

Who: John Piermont Morgan was a financier for many "big" companies

What: J.P. Morgan handled corporate financing and industrial consolidation. He also collected art as a hobbie

When: born 4-17-1837

died 3-13-1913

In 1892 he arranged the merger of Edison General Electric (this was the start of his career)

Where: born HartfordConnecticut

Died Rome Italy

His company was stationed in New York City (NYC)

Why: He was important because without him those big corporations may not have been so much of a success

Alexander Grahm Bell

Who: Alexander Grahm Bell was a famous inventor. He was most famous for his invention of the telephone

What: Alexander invented the telephone in 1876 He was also an engineer.

When: born 3-3-1847

Died 7-2-1922

Where: Born in Eclinburgh Scotland UK

Died in Beinn Bhreagh Nova Scotio Canada

Why: He was important because without his brilliant mind we wouldn't have our "beloved" :) Phones

Pullman Strike

Who: Pullman Company workers started a strike

What: 250,000 Workers of the Pullman Company started a strike due to a conflict in Pullman Chicago and The Owner lowered the wages

When: This happened in 1894

Where: In Pullman Chicago

Why: Workers Where upset with their working conditions and were not happy with the ammount of money they were earning

Chinese Laborers

Who: Chinese Immigrants

What: The central pacific railroad hired a bunch of Chinese immigrants to half build the transcontinental railroad.

When: This started May 8th 1863

Where: This started in Sacromento California

Why: Without the help of the Chinese Immigrants we would have not got it done as "fast" as we did

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