Region One Counselor Newsletter

May 2022


Many mental health organizations across the country bring tools, resources, and education to the public to improve mental health. Below is the 2022 MHA Mental Health Toolkit where you can find helpful resources to support the mental health wellbeing of yourself, your staff, families, and students.

This month is also filled with many moments to celebrate accomplishments and plans for what's to come. As we rush through our days to complete the many tasks that come our way, we may miss opportunities to remain present for ourselves and one another. Take a moment to reflect on all the things you have learned, the challenges you have overcome, the ways you have evolved as an individual, and all that you have accomplished. We commend you on your service to your campus and district and each student you have touched.

Wishing you many mindful moments in May!

All our best,

Your Region One Counseling Team

Family and Youth Success (FAYS)

The FAYS program addresses family conflict and everyday struggles while promoting strong families and youth resilience. Every FAYS provider offers one-on-one coaching or counseling with a trained professional and group-based learning for youth and parents. FAYS programs also operate a 24-hour hotline for families having urgent needs.
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What You Need To Know: 22-23 FASFA Updates and Troubleshooting

Catch up on the 22-23 FAFSA changes and ways to troubleshoot common issues that you may come across.
FAFSA Overview
How to Fill Out the FAFSA

Scholarship Databases & Searches



College Board

The following websites can help undocumented students who are searching for college scholarships:

Golden Door Scholars

College Greenlight

Scholarships A-Z

Affordable Colleges

What is Scholarship? - Quick and Easy Explanation
Introduction to Scholarship Applications


Updates to the SAT College Board website are here:

Look under the MORE tab for the changes made to the Help Center.

The Digital SAT Suite of Assessments

The SAT Suite of Assessments is going digital. This will begin rolling out in the U.S. in Fall 2023 with the PSAT.

Here is a link to the website about the digital SAT, which includes an FAQ page:

Here is a link to the official press release:


Texas School Mental Health Website

The Texas School Mental Health website strives to provide districts and campuses with the resources and tools needed to develop a comprehensive school mental health system.

Mental Health America MHA TOOLKIT

Great printouts with topics such as "What Can I Do When I am Afraid" and "Dealing with Tough Situations."


Find Resources to Create a Safer School