By: Brenden Determann II

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Opening New Markets in Europe

Summary of Canada

Being one of the largest countries that borders only one country, Canada only has so much to import and export with nearby countries. Being apart of the North American Free Trade Agreement, Canada is able to exchange between the US and Mexico. Canada GDP mainly consist of Agriculture, Industries, manufactoring, construction and services within different "territories in the country. Having a 1.8 trillion GDP, Canada is ranked 2nd among all countries within the world. ( )

Weighing the benefits of Trade

Canada has the lowest statutory corporate income tax rate from 2012; not to mention the lowest overall tax rate on new business investments. The budget cut back in 2009, cut many tariffs on a wide range of machinery and equipment required for necessary assistance in the industry business in Canada. The majority of the workforce is educated and they offer low cost with a first class corporate environment; along with a competitive tax system.