By: Juan Sandoval

Job Description

An Astrophysicist is a scientist who study the properties and fundamental knowledge of the universe in order to explain why it behaves the way it does, using physics and mathmatics. Black holes, dark matter, neutron stars, and stellar evolution are only some of the universes occurrences that astrophysicist study on a regular bases. Astrophysicist come up with theories that range from the origin of the universe to the explanation of the reality of a multiverse. Some theories conjured up by astrophysicists include the speed of light, the infant expansion of universe, and the theory of relativity. They will often raise funds to develop additional technology to further research theories and other findings. Astrophysicist are also responsible for analyzing data, statistics, logging, evaluting, and reporting the results of research.


All astrophysicist, and other types of physicist, have wildly different personalities. But the two thing they all have in common is one, they constantly seek knowledge and the second is, they have a curiosity like no other.

Education and Salary

At the least, astrophysicist need a masters dagree in astronomy or astrophysics from an acredited university, but a PhD is much more sout out for. They can expect to go to school for about 8 years or more. Taking almost nothing but mathmatics, science, and writing classes. The further education one has in these subjects the more likely they will be hired and paid a higher salary. Astrophysicist salaries can range from 70,000 to about 150,00 depending on the state, city, and over all geography of a certain place.

Famous Astrophysicist