by Karen Hesse Review by Sophia Mena

About the book

When Nicholas Young set sail as the stowaway on the ship the Endeavor he never would have thought that he would have many adventures on the ship. Nick does not have any idea that his ship is on a mission to discover the unknown content at the bottom of the world.Can he survive on the Endeavor?

Crew for hire

James Cook captain of the ship Endeavor is looking for sea men to help care for his boat. Please contact the captain by Monday May ,17 1777. This is when the ship must depart from Batavia in order to sail to the cape of good hope in Africa.

Some of the crew

What to expect when signing on

During the trip of the ship it will face many hard ships. Storms should be constantly expected when sailing. There will be lots of work to be done and little time for rest. The only time for rest will be eight hours of sleep. You may be called for work early than eight hours if there is need.