By: Keeton Gatlin


The capital is Cairo


The flag has equal bands of red, white, black and the white band has a eagle on it.

- The red means over coming bloody struggles.

- The white stands for a bright future.

- The black means oppression.

- The eagle is the national emblem.

The location of Egypt

The continent that Egypt is on is Africa.

The country's surrounding Egypt are Libya, Gaza, Israel, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Some major landforms in Egypt include Libyan desert, and the Nile river.

Some major land marks are the pyramids of giza andthe river nile

Two major bodies of water that surround Egypt are the Mediterranean sea and the Red sea.

Governmentel facts

Egypt's government is transitional.

The leader is Mohamed Hussein Tantawi.

The leaders were chosen by the king's first son or daughters to rule over Egypt.

Economic facts

Egypt is a poor country.

Egypt uses Gineih as their currency. ----------------------------------->Gineih

Egypt's main export is Petroleum & Liquified Natural Gas.


The Egypt n's ware a simple T-shirt and a jeans are worn by almost everybody. Some ladies prefer wearing a galabeyah, its a simple dress, used for covering up the body either for religious or traditional reasons.

The major language in Egypt is Arabic.

The main religion is Muslim.

Some holidays are the Egyptian Revolution, Armed Forces Day, and Labor Day.

Some foods in Egypt are Fatta, Kofta, and Umm ali


The days are warm and hot and the nights are cool.

The average rain fall is about 200.

The average temperature of July is 28*C (82*f) and the coldest is January at 14*C (56*f).

The climate has effected the because everyone has to live near the Nile river.


The Invention of Papyrus and The Great Pyramids.

Comare, contrast

Some differences are that the U.S.A is a democracy government and Egypt is a transitional government another difference is religion the main religion of Egypt is Muslim and the main religion of the U.S.A is Cristian.


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