February Parent Newsletter

"If it's to be...It's up to me!"

Principal's Update

SBE Community-

Last week we practiced kindness here at Shell Beach Elementary as a part of the national "Kindness Week." During the week I saw so many incredible acts of kindness that I could not possibly list them all here. One act, however, I would like to highlight was when a Kindergartener told a professional here at SBE, "You are the best ever!" This statement of course made the staff member feel great and brought a smile to her face.

The best part, however, is what happened next....the kindergartener turned around and ran towards her friend and said "THAT WAS FUN!"

This precocious Kindergarten student was starting to learn something that can be life changing...and that is being kind makes others feel good...but it also makes YOU feel good when you act in a kind way.

Acting kind towards others is something that should not be confined to one week, of course. Our hope is that students will use last week as a springboard for the rest of the year and continue to act kind towards one another.

Kindness, as the Kindergarten student showed us, is its own reward.

Here is to a GREAT February,


Important Dates:

February 10th--Lincoln's Birthday, No School

February 12th--PTO Meeting, 6pm, Library

February 14th--Valentines Day

February 17th--President's Day, No School

February 18th--Principals Coffee, 9:05am, Room 1

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