Blogging for Learning

The How, Who, What, Where and Why of Blogging.

Come and learn about blogging in the classroom and beyond.

Join us for a fun, hands-on day with cloud-whisperer Mark Allen as he shows how to get blogging up and running in your class. By the time you leave, you'll be a blogging ninja!


Thursday, June 16th, 9am

Woodford Halse CE Primary Academy

What we'll cover.

  • Who: Who should be blogging? (Hint: it's not just for kids!)
  • Why: Why is blogging more than just 'writing on a computer'?
  • How: How can you maximise your chances of success?
  • What: What are the best blogging tools for you to use?
  • How: How do you set up and get started?
  • Where: How can you encourage blogging everywhere?
  • How: How can you do all this without adding to your workload?


Mark's been helping schools move to the cloud since 2006. He's a Google-Certified Innovator and Trainer and a Google Moonshot Engineer. He's not that interested in technology in itself (although his friends and family don't see it like that), but is passionate about how to leverage contemporary possibilities and help schools prepare young people for life in what may be a very different world.