Cristmas carol

Charles dickens

First I am reviewing the play of the Christmas carol by Charles dickens. You should see the play because of the visual effects. The best visual effects I saw at the play is when Marley came up from the ground there was allot of smoke and was loud. Then the made you

the whole time and on the edge of your chair. You should also got to the play because of the faces and the way they look because there were no pictures. The actors did a good job keeping the way they were in the book . Later in the play I liked the dancing in the parties. Like the dancing at the party with all the town and the dancers were very coordinated and never ran into each other and never stopped. It though the play was very well done and was interesting but the first ghost was to long I think. But all of you that are reading this should go see it.

In the book the Christmas carol Scrooge had to sacrifice his money. In the book and play he at the end because of the ghosts he gave all the money he brought out side to people. He gave some to the people that asked for money and the worker he had. I have had to make a sacrifice to donate a toy to get another toy. But in the end it was good because I gave away and got something in return