Compare and Contrast Mexico's and Brazil's Economies

Mexico and Brazil have similarities and differences in economy. They both have a mixed economy. The power is not controlled by only one person in a mixed. Both countries lot of natural recourses. This means that there is more jobs open. Brazil has 8.6% of arable land. Mexico has 11.8%. Mexico may seem bigger but Brazil has a bigger countries and 8.6% may be half of Mexico. The literacy rate is above 90% for each country which is good. The poverty rate for Mexico isn't good, its half of their country. Brazil's isn't bad, its only 21.4%. They both have a good GPD and GPD per capita.

Cuba's Economy

Cuba is one of the few command economies. One third of Cuba's island is arable. Cuba doesn't have a lot of recourses or industries. It has 99.8% literacy rate which is surprising considering that their a command economy. 3% unemployment rate and the other countries don't have that and they have a better economy than Cuba. They have no poverty rate but they have a 3% unemployment rate and only a 77.15 billion GPD. Doesn't some of his sound wrong to you.
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Compare and Contrast Cuba's and Mexico's Government

Cuba and Mexico are very different and maybe a little similar. Cuba has a autocracy and Mexico has a presidential Democracy. In Cuba one person has all of the power but in Mexico all of the power is distributed equally between central and local government. Mexico has more states/provinces than Cuba because its a bigger country. Both countries are part of the UN(united nations) Mexico is bicameral and this means they have two houses. Cuba is unicameral which means they only have one house. Mexico's suffrage age is 18. Your suppose to vote but its not forced. Cuba's age is 16 and you have to vote.
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