By: Mikala Hill

Provincial Items

Provincial Bird: Osprey

Provincial Flower: Mayflower

Capital: Halifax

Tree: Red Spuce


  • Nova Scotia has 150 light houses
  • Oxford is the blueberry capital of Canada
  • A 9.3 lobster the biggest ever was caught in Nova Scotia in 1977
  • Nova Scotia is New Scotland in Latin
  • The population is 936,500
  • It's KM2 is 55,500
  • Confederated in 1867
  • Halifax is almost located in the halfway between the North Pole and the Earth's equator
  • Major Languages are English and French

Present Day Nova Scotia

In present day Nova Scotia there are Picturesque villages. Nova Scotia is connected by one narrow strip of land, so it is surrounded mostly by water.

Sir William Alexander

Sir William Alexander is the founder of Nova Scotia. He was born in 1570, in the Menstrie Castle, United Kingdom. He claimed Nova Scotia for France. Later the French challenged the Scottish rights to Nova Scotia.

What I Think.....

I think Nova Scotia is a good province. I think it is very beautiful. Even though it is a very small province it has a whole lot in it. Thank you thank you. :)