I LOVE MY PARK by Makenna and Saya

On Saturday, May 5 some of our buddies went to I LOVE MY PARK DAY at Treman State Park in Enfield. Here's a picture of some Enfield Pencil members painting a cabin at the park. There were all sorts of other activities- such as constructing trails, cleaning the old Mill, clearing trails of garbage and twigs. It was really fun there were donut holes and we got a free t-shirt. There is a day every year- you should come next year. It really helps the parks.!

United States Forest Rangers Come to Enfield School

First graders learned a lot about trees on Arbor Day! The United States Forest Rangers from Hector National Forest came to talk to the first grade about the importance of trees. They learned that trees help a lot of animals have a place to live and one of the jobs of forest rangers is to make sure there are different types of trees in the forest so that animals like birds and mammals and insects have a safe habitat.

The forest rangers brought a basswood tree and the first graders helped plant it in the back of the library.

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The Great Escape by Addy and Ben

The Great Escape

Near the last day of school in gym after gymnastics Mr. A. does something called the Great Escape. Most people like it because everyone can do it and it is active. The Great Escape is a mixture of different things there are ropes to swing on, things to jump over, a tunnel to crawl through, there is a cargo net to climb and if you get high enough you can grab a stinky shoe pass from a bucket, and the best part of the course the zipline. The decorations are amazing, there are christmas lights and disco lights and a projector that has weird shapes on the wall. The stinky shoe pit is where kids go when they are caught by “aliens” aka Mr. A. you sniff 3 shoes and you can go out of the pit or with a pass you don’t have to sniff any shoes. If 3rd through 5th are good they can help the younger grades with the ziplines and ropes.

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Beauty and the Beast Storytellers Folk and Fairytale Night

By Amelia

Mitch and Martha are storytellers they call them beauty and the beast but they don’t say witch is beauty and witch is beast. Thats your opinion! They came in and told stories. One story was a greek myth. They were called the story of lightning and thunder, and the kings secret.

Mitch and Martha are teaching the 3rd graders how to tell a story. They will being there at storytelling night.

Folk and Fairytale night was fun. After Mitch and Martha told stories in the library, the third graders went to their classrooms and told stories to their families. In the cafeteria there were Fairytale STEAM activities. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. It was a lot of fun.

Treman Field Trip by Brandon

Robert H Treman State Park is located in Enfield NY. FIfth grade has a few field trips there.

At Treman we were hiking some of the trail we were learning about some of the invasive species that is held at Treman State Park . One example is that we saw garlic mustard there garlic mustard is native from Europe Asia and northwest Africa.

We also learned the Daylily is an invasive species. When we got back to our class we put together a food web and came up with a list of all the invasive species we saw that included ticks, dear , periwinkle. We saw evidence of earthworms the same goes with termites.

And Hemlock woolly adelgid.We also saw ants, chipmunk, and oak trees.After that field trip we went to Treman the following Friday to study some of the main invasive species. we observed garlic mustard, whitetail deer, earthworms and some others. In conclusion we are learning about invasive species and learning about how they got here why they were brought here. What date and place they were broughthere also. That's what we learned at Treman State Park

Fort Stanwix by Madison

We took a very long drive to Fort Stanwix, two and a half hours! The only good part was that the chairs were really fancy and we could eat on the bus. Once we got to Fort Stanwix we had to stand in line until Jonathan, our guide came to get us. When we were at the fort we acted like it was a long time ago and we were actually soldiers.

Our two drummers Madison and Jacob started the tempo and we started marching to the fort area. We went to a dark room which was going to be our sleeping room- it was a long platform with hay. Then we had different jobs, making beds, dusting and sweeping. It was fun!

There were different rooms where corporals and sargents lived. Then we had to garden and there were also guards all around the gardens. We all had to be guards some of us were Bunker guards and main gate guards and hallway guards.There was a room where soldiers traded furs and animal skins with Indians.

At the end we had musket training with wood muskets. It was a really fun trip.

Editorial by Madison

The school lunches have improved since last year. But, lots of kids think that there should be more fruits and vegetables, because we need to get more vitamins in our bodies. Also some vegetables like cucumbers are hydrating. Here are some fruits that we should get watermelon,peaches,plums and pears.

Thanks for listening.

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Bone Man- Dr. Chris visits Fourth Grade by Ben, Amelia and Madison

Dr. Chris from Buffalo, NY was invited by Miss Holden to come and speak to the fourth graders about bones. He talked about his job which is making replacement bones out of metal for people who need them.

We learned that people donate their bones so others can use them. We also learned that the metal implant bones are so strong they can hold the weight of a school bus. Another thing we learned is that human cartiledge is really important it helps it not to hurt when we act like a chicken.

Dr. Chris said he has wanted to be a doctor since he was little. It was really interesting!!

Should We Get Money Back for Recycling? By Madison

Should we get money for recycling cans and bottles? I think that we should because some homeless people can get money, depending on the state you can get 5-10 cents back for your cans and bottles. Recycling can also cut down on litter. There's only about 10 states that recycle and get money back. In those ten states 70% of the cans and bottles get recycled. In the other 40 states only 30% of cans and bottles get recycled. In conclusion I think we should get money back for recycling cans and bottles, what's your opinion?

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