Charlie Chaplin

By- Addie Waldrop


  • Charlie was born on April 16, 1889 in South London.
  • In 1895 Charlies mother was hospitalized because she became insane.
  • In 1896 Charlie and his brother were confined to a workhouse.
  • Also, in 1896, Charlie and Sydney are sent to the Hanwell School for Orphans and Destitute Children.
  • In 1898 Charlie and Sydney are sent to there dads, but he was arrested because he couldn't support them.
  • Also, in 1898, Charlie got a job clog dancing with the Eight Lancaster Lads.
  • In 1901, Charlies father died.
  • Charlie began touring in a Sherlock Holmes play in 1903.
  • In 1905 Charlies mother, Hannah, was put in the Asylm due to insanity.
  • In 1908 Charlie began to perform in Fred Karno's Vaudeville acts.
  • In 1910, the Karno troupe landed an act in New York. Charlie stole the show with his drunk man act.
  • In 1913, Charlie signed to act in comedies for Keystone Film Company; he made $150 a week while he was with Keystone.
  • Charlie made 35 films within a year in 1914.
  • In 1916, Charlie became one of the most famous actors in the world.
  • In 1917, Charlies salary was $1 million.
  • In 1918, Charlie married Midred Harris.
  • In 1919, Charlie filmed his masterpiece, The Kid.
  • In 1920, Charlie divorced Mildred.
  • In 1921, Hannah, Charlie's moms health improved and she flew to Hollywood.
  • In 1924, Charlie married Lita Grey.
  • In 1928, Hannah died and Lita divorced Charlie.
  • In 1931, Chaplin began a world tour.
  • In 1934, Chaplin created Modern Times with Paulette Goodard.
  • In 1936, Modern Times, Charlie's last of his great silent movies was released. Charlie also sailed to the Far East to marry Paulette.
  • In 1942, Chaplin and Paulette divorced and Joan Barry broke into Chaplins house.
  • In 1943, Joan Barry accuses Charlie of being the father of her unborn son. Chaplin gets married Oona O'Neill.
  • Blood test show that Chaplin is not the father of Joan's child, but he still loses in court.
  • In 1953, Chaplin and his family bought an estate in Switzerland.
  • In 1964, Charlie published his autobiography.
  • Charlie's brother died in 1965.
  • In 1967, Charlie attempts to make his last film in color at age 77.
  • In 1975, Chaplin was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II of Enland. He was then called Sir Charles.
  • In 1977, Chaplin died in his sleep on Christmas day in his estate in Switzerland.


Charlie Chaplin was a very interesting man. He grew up without a mother or father. He lived with his brother in and orphanage most of his childhood. Chaplin never had much money and his mother was insane so she couldn't provide for him or his brother. Chaplin finally escaped from the orphanage and her mother became sane again, but Sydney, Chaplin's brother was overseas fighting. The two of them found a place to live for a while. Eventually Charlie's mother went insane again and Charlie was left alone. When Sydney arrived home they had little to no money, but then his father died. He lived Charlie and Sydney with lots of monet and that helped them for a while. When they started running low on cash Sydney tried to get a job as an actor. Charlie began to show an interest in acting also. He tried out for a part in a play and stayed with it for a while. Eventually Charlie was offered a job acting in America. He excepted. All Charlie was told was to be a villian, so he did just that. As a villian he took many falls on the stage and made evryone act. Soon a man working for a movie company in Hollywood asked him to act in some of their movies. He accepted, but only because of the huge pay increase. He got to the set in Hollywood and was told that he needed to look more like a villian, so that was when Charlie added his tophat, mustache, and cane. This became his signiture look. Nobody recognized Charlie without his mustache which made it easy for him to travel. Charlie became one of the most famous actors in the world. Charlie also started making movies of his own. They were smash hits! Charlie made a huge impact on the acting business. He was a very interesting, smart, and talented man.

Charlie's Effect on the World

Charlie effected the world in many ways. He changed the movie business forever. He proved that no matter what happens you should just keep moving forward. Chaplin showed everyone that extending your budget in the movie business can lead to great things. Because Charlie extended his budget on his movie The Kid, it became a smash hit. Charlie also changed the way people film movies. He tried out different ways to set the camera to make the movie clearer and more realistic. Many other people tried it and it made a huge difference in movie making.Charlie changed movies forever. He also entertained thousands of people, and because he did so, he is was one of the most famous men alive. Charlie also inspired others with the story of his childhood. He taught people that no matter what your circumstances are, you should keep moving forward. Charlie made a huge difference throughout the world. He was a very inspirational person.

Adjectives That Describe Charlie

  1. Funny- Charlie was a hilarious actor with very creative movies. He always got a good laugh from the audience.
  2. Inspirational- Charlie inspired many people to become actors.
  3. Friendly- Charlie helped people in need because he knew what it felt like to be poor.
  4. Athletic- Charlie could run very fast and fall of stage without getting hurt. He was very athletic.
  5. Creative- Charlie was very creative. Most of his movies were new. Nobody had ever seen anything like Charlie's movies before.

What Shaped Charlie's Life

When Charlie's mother went insane he became more responsible. He focused on supporting his family and if he hadn't done that he would have never started acting.When Charlie first got a role in a small paly in his town, his life changed forever. He realized he loved acting and decided thats what he wanted to do the rest of his life. Charlie got a job as a villan and became famous worldwide for his odd performances. Charlie was hilarious. If nobody liked his acting Charlie might not have been encouraged enough to make his own movies. When Charlie started making his own movies, his life got better. He started making more money and gained more fans. Because he had to cast people in his movies he did so. He casted lots of different people in his movies. One of those people was Mildred Harris, Charlie's first wife. He didn't really love her. Midred tricked Charlie into marrying him. If she hadn't done so, Charlie might not have gotten as much attention from the press as he did. Because of all the drama in Charlie's life, the press covered stories on him because it was so interesting. Because of all the publicity Charlie was getting he became more famous and made tons of money. All this publicity and money helped him make a terrific movie called The Kid. The Kid was spectacular. It inspired many people to help people in need. It also showed a good side of Charlie's evil character. The Kid made Charlie become extremely rich and famous. Everyone throughout the world knew about him. Because of little things Chaplin did in his life, he became on of the richest, liked, and famous person of his time.
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