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New Group II Community Newsletter

This is the first of what we hope will be a quarterly news and information newsletter, geared to the KY Wing, Group II Community. Here you'll see information from our Squadrons and Flights, Group and Wing information. Information of past and planned activities, missions, trips, plus general information from NHQ that pertains to our community.

We hope you take the time to read the newsletter and see what the other Units in Group II are doing and how we can share both information and interest in all things CAP...

11th Squadron, Paduch KY

11th Squadron (Activities/Goals/News)

The 11th Squadron is leading the way for Group II in the field of Drone technology and use. Having acquired a commercial drone, Cpt Eric Milles, the Squadron Commander, is working on developing a viable program on using drones for SAR, DR and other CAP missions. It's also a great AE tool in teaching Cadets the basic (and not so basic...) aspects of flight.

This program promises to give Group II and edge on future SAR missions.

57th Squadron, Bowling Green

57th Activities

(Any activity and/or information that this squadron has done, is planning or has scheduled for the next quarter).

216th Squadron, Clarksville TN

216th Squadron

Located rights outside of Ft. Campbell KY, the 216th is strongly influenced by the Installation and in return has a strong presence on Ft. Campbell also.

Many of its' members are current or former active military members...

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Group II Staff

We at Group II work hard to improve your resources, communications and command functions for the Group's Squadrons. We strive to enhance inter Squadron communication and information sharing to help build great relationships in the Group Community.