Rett Syndrome

By: Trevor Kettles

The cause

Rett Syndrome is caused by a mutation in the methyl CpG binding protein 2 or MECP2.

Some things to know about Rett Syndrome

It Affects the X chromosome of the child.

There are prenatal tests involving an extraction of the peripheral lymphocytes for fetus analysis.

Symptoms are lack of eye contact less interest in toys less control over the body and the highest stage may cause scoliosis. This disorder is mostly found in girls.

I hope this page gives you hope that someday we can get rid of Rett Syndrome.

Some people have questions about treatments so here are some examples.

One of the most common treatments is therapy like walking exercises and speech lessons and really just a lot of social and physical help. But some patients are too young for therapy so there are medications that are available like Clenbuterol And sometimes shots are a last resort but they help as well.

Lets all do our part to help stop Rett Syndrome.