Progress Reports Information

First and Second Grade Report Cards Going Home Today!

Hello! Believe it or not, at over a month into the school year we are already halfway through the first trimester and it is time for progress reports to be sent home! It is crazy to think that we are already at the point! A few very important points about progress reports.

*Each individual progress report will be in an envelope, so you should have one per child.

*At this point in the year 2's are the expected and normal grade for both academics and behavior. The only exception is homework. If your student is turning in their homework consistently they should be at a 3. We do not give out very many 3's or 4's at this point in the year because 3 means that they have met the standard for the entire year.

*If your student has any 1's, as its the beginning of the year this can easily change even before more formal report cards. The 1 is indicating a subject or area that your child needs to focus on improving. If your student has any 1's and your are unsure how to help them reach the standard or have questions about what they should be able to do in Spanish or English, please schedule a conference with us. We are also happy to provide additional supplemental work as long as you ask us and show us that it is getting completed.

*Progress reports need to be returned signed so that we know that you have received them. They must be returned by next Friday. If not we will send you another copy so that we can receive it back signed.

*Due to a printing mishap, there are a few first grade students that did not receive report cards. They will get them on Monday.