Cheesehead Swirls

By: Kayla, Julie, and Aubrey

Cheesehead Swirls

Cheesehead Swirls is a mixture of two of the best known cheese in America, cheddar and mozzarella. Cheeseheads Swirls is almost all natural ingredients like pasteurized part skim milk, cream, salt, and cheese cultures. As well as other ingredients.


Cheeseheads Swirls is a healthy after school snack.

Not only is it good for you it is also affordable. $4.80 including tax. $0.37/oz per unit.

Cheesehead Swirls is gluten free, no fructose, 50% less fat, and 20% of students picked string cheese.


String Cheese is 20.8% of total fat.

* 0% Cholesterol

* 0% Sodium

* 4.2% Total Carbohydrates

* 20.8% Protein

* 24grams per single serving


Here are some string cheese samples!