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Safety First

Today we completed our first lockdown drill and students and staff did an amazing job. After each drill we debrief with students and try to access if any student might be having anxiety related to the drills. I encourage you to ask your students about the drill today, see what questions they have or what they might be nervous about. If you need additional support from us, please feel free to reach out.

NEED YOUR HELP! Safe drop off and pick up practices

Wrapping up our second week of school and we have some drop off and pick up safety issues we need to all work on correction. Please see the things we need to work on below:

  • Please be patient as children get out of the car and get in their cars in the evenings. When drivers are impatient and swiftly try and pull around vehicles this is a major safety concern. Our pick up procedures are designed for safety not speed of pick up. We need all parent to be patient during drop off and pick up!
  • IF you are parking in the visitors lot to pick up your child, you are to walk up to pick them up. Yesterday was a bit scary as I observed several students make a dart for the visitors lot because their parents were parked their. Students are not to leave their grade level group unless a parent walks up. When you walk up, please show your car tag to an administrator or to the grade level teacher on duty.
  • If you are sending someone else to pick up your child, you must contact us before 2:00 Contacting the office at the end of the day makes it very challenging to have enough time to notify teachers as this is an extremely busy time of the day.
  • Lastly, children must be picked up in the locations they are assigned. We have multiple parents with preferences/requests of where they want to pick up their children, however we can not accommodate making these adjustments. K,1,5 and siblings-pick up on Birdwood and 2,3,4 are picked up using the Jason loop.

Sanford Harmony

During open house I shared that we were continuing our focus on character education and development with using resources from Sanford Harmony. Below you can link to the Sanford Harmony site to learn more. Also check out their videos on You Tube.


September 10th Principal chit chat with students- I will be meeting with students in each grade level to help them get to know me better but also to share my expectations for them as learners and young people. Don't forget to ask your students what we talked about.

September 12th- PTO Meeting@7:45 a.m.

September 17th Parent University at Lovett-more to come on this in the upcoming Wednesday Folder

E.O. Lovett Elementary Fine Arts Magnet 2016 National Blue Ribbon School

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