Team 9 Update

Issue 26 February 21, 2020

Yearbook Orders are due March 6th!!

Ask your student to pick up an order form in the office, or go to and enter yearbook ID code: 2967420. Prices start at $12. (I just ordered online in less than 2 minutes.)

Upcoming Events

Monday, February 24th

  • JCMS Orchestra Concert-​ 6pm

  • Tuesday, February 25th

    • lunch math help (WILLIAMS)
    • D&D in C111 3pm-4pm
    • Mrs. Reynolds (high school counselor) will be completing high school enrollment

    Wednesday, February 26th

    Thursday, February 27th

    • Mrs. Reynolds (high school counselor) will be completing high school enrollment
    • Scientific Notation Unit due (Williams)

    Friday, February 28th

    • Free Community Dinner
    • Last day for "Pennies for Patients" Fundraiser Campaign
    • Library Visit in Language Arts (Murphy)


    February 24th – JCMS Orchestra Concert​

    March 2nd- Spring Sports Parent Meeting

    March 3rd – JCMS Choir Concert​

    March 4th – JCMS Band Concert


    March 9-13- Spring Break


    Wednesday February 26th

    2:05 Kays —Williams

    2:10 Dungeons and Dragons -- Williams

    2:15 SADD – Mazey

    2:20 STUCO – Erickson

    2:25 Math Club – Hammock

    2:30 Scholars Bowl – Lyn Green

    2:35 Jazz Band -- Votaw

    2:40 NJHS – B. Green/McClellan

    Wednesday March 4

    2:05 – Choir

    2:15 – Orchestra

    2:25 -- Band

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    Free Friday Meal

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    FREE After School Tutoring Program

    Click to sign your student up for the after school tutoring program. Students will be able to get tutoring help Tuesday- Thursday when school is in session. Transportation available. Click the button above to learn more.

    Free online tutoring for military families. Go to to sign up.

    Team 9 Core Classes

    Language Arts

    We are in our third unit of the school year. This unit is all about technology and ethics. The essential question we will be exploring is:

    "What ethical issues should be considered in the advancement of technology?"

    Since we are nearing the end of this unit, students will begin working on their final project this week. Here is the project task:

    Students will select an advancement in technology and after conducting research on that topic, students will create a magazine article proposing the ethical considerations for the advancement of that technology.

    Here is the agenda for this week in Language Arts:

    Monday Feb. 24th: Present Frankenstein Chapter 20 Comic Strip Assignment for Extra Credit & Vocabulary Work for Ch. 20.

    Tuesday Feb. 25th: Begin Analysis of Chapter 20 in Frankenstein. Analysis will serve as a study guide for Frankenstein Quiz.

    Wednesday Feb. 26th: Frankenstein Quiz & Introduction to Unit 3 Final Project

    Thursday Feb. 27th: Unit 3 Final Project: begin research for chosen topic

    Friday Feb. 28th: Unit 3 Final Project: continue research for chosen topic

    Please feel free to e-mail me at any time with questions or concerns about your student's progress in Language Arts. I am happy to help with all of your needs! Thank you for sharing your student with me--I'm having a great school year with this group of 8th graders.

    Mrs. Lindsay Murphy

    Math- Williams

    Our next topic is Scatter plots and lines of best fit (trend lines). We will be analyzing bivariate data with a performance assessment (measuring wing span and height) on Friday. Then, next week we will discuss how the data is related to each other.

    Check your email for a weekly progress report from math class.

    The personalized learning unit that students have in Schoology (Scientific Notation) is due FEBRUARY 27th. I will be entering grades this week for that unit. Students may check Schoology to see their progress.

    Students can come in to lunch tutoring for help. Or check Schoology for help links. You will look in the Scatter Plots Folder. Due to high numbers of students out, all lessons are ONLINE. Check online, and you can work from home.

    Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions. I offer at least 2 tutoring sessions a week. Students just need to sign up on the sign-up sheet outside my classroom.

    Jamie Williams

    Tutor Times:

    Monday at lunch

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    US History

    Our first unit for the new year is the Industrial Revolution!

    This week we are studying the many changes that the Industrial Revolution of the mid 1800's brought to the United States. In addition to industrialization, we are also looking at how immigration and urbanization affected the United States. We will also look at inventions and how they impacted these rapid changes that occurred in the mid-1800's.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

    Ben Trenary



    Hey all!

    Yay! We hatched 7 baby chicks! As we continue exploring how our eggs hatched, we've been working with microscopes to take a closer look at parts of the egg, including the blood.

    One important goal of scientists and our learning community is to keep testing the ideas we figured out to see if they can apply to a broader and broader range of phenomena. So next week we will be bringing in sources to gather evidence to answer that question.

    As always, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!

    Breanna Temaat


    Spanish Translation Phone Line 785-717-4428

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    Helpful Links