The Birdman of Alcatraz



he killed a bartender brutally stabbed a guard to death he also killed a couple inmates. he was served with manslaughter.


his brother came and visited and Robert the Bird man went crazy and stabbed a guard and killed him, his brother hasn’t saw him for 7 years.

Overview of the Birdman in Alcatraz

After Stroud killed a bartender and he turned himself in for it he went to Leavenworth. he killed a guard and inmates so they sent him to Alcatraz that is how he got there. He played checkers with the guard through the bars. He had to be away from the other inmates because they didn’t know what he would do.

Robert the Birdman had to be locked away from the others. The guards thought he was so craze that he would kill another inmate.

He played checkers with the guards so he wouldn’t be board and to pass time. everybody was scared of him because of the things he did in Leavenworth. The bird man was the craziest man alive at that time.

Death & Famous

He is famous for having all the birds in his cell. so the inmates gave him a nickname BIRDMAN. he was obsessed with birds.

where He had to get 50,000+ signatures to have birds in his cell in Leavenworth and he did. he had over 20 birds in the cell!!

he sold the birds so his mom could get money.