Magnetic Optical Solid state

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Optical State Storage

This refers to the storage of data of an optically readable medium. This uses a laser to read the data off the optical storage device. Some examples of these are: CDs, DVDs and blue ray. There are some advantages:

It can last for quite a while, if you take good care of it, it is quite durable.

It is also easy to transport it it can be used on PCs game consoles and tv's and many more.

They are great for archiving because once it has data on it, it can not be re-written which is great for archiving as data can not be lost.


It is not re-usable, though it is great for archiving it can not be re-used which can be considered as disadvantage.

The writing time is considerably long and increases the time needed to write and re-write and restore data.

Magnetic Storage

This refers to data being stored on a magnetized medium. For Example Credit Card strips and Floppy discs.


very fast to access data.

Data can be read directly from any part of the hard disc.

The access speed is about 1000