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Things you need to know about the BES Library.

Accelerated Reader

By now, most of you know what Accelerated Reader, or AR, is. What you may not know is that you can monitor your students progress from home as long as you have Internet access. If this is something you are interested in, please email me, Ms. Crystal, the Library Media Specialist, for more information. I'll be glad to help! I can get you login information so that you can even choose to receive an email each time your student takes a test.

Extra AR Testing Times

Students will now be allowed to come into the library to return books, get new ones and take AR tests on Tuesdays and Fridays between 7:30 and 7:50. Only a certain number of students will be allowed in at a time because computer space is limited and students will need to be back in the gym for announcements.

Color Levels and Why They Are Important

While I believe that it is important for students to read things they are excited about, often students hear about a book that others are talking about and want to read it even though it is really too hard for them at the current time. With parent help, these books can sometimes be ok, but often times students won't ask for help. This is why all students are informed of color levels that are most appropriate for them. It helps them to pick out books that are a good fit. The levels are determined by STAR tests that students take at least four times per year. How can they move up to a harder color? Practice, practice, practice. For your information, here are what the color levels mean that are found on the spine of BES Library books. To understand what these numbers mean, here's an example: 1.4 means that a child is reading the equivalancy of what a student in the fourth month of first grade should be reading.

  • Pink: 0.0-1.5
  • Orange: 1.6-2.5
  • Yellow: 2.6-3.5
  • Green: 3.6-4.5
  • Blue: 4.6-5.5
  • Purple: 5.6 and up

It should also always be considered that even if your student has a very high reading level, they may not be ready to read things on that level. For instance, a 4th grader might have a reading level range from 5.5-8.5, but they shouldn't be restricted from reading things that are on a 4th grade level because that is what they are interested in. In turn, they shouldn't be expected to read above a certain level that would be of interest to them. Being pushed to read things that are above their interest level or their reading level can cause students to become very discouraged.

Set aside a few minutes each night to have your students read and be sure to let them see you reading too! Kids who see their parents reading are often inspired to read themselves. Research shows that kids who read at least 20 minutes per day perform better in school.

Having the Right Book Makes a World of Difference

I often tell students that the reason some people say they don't like to read is because they haven't found the right book yet. Finding the right book can make a world of difference! Students not only need to read on the appropriate level, they also need to have access to things that interest them. If you see that your child is having trouble finishing the books they check out, then they need some help picking out things that will keep them engaged. Sometimes, since I am only with them one hour per week, I don't realize that this is a problem until it is too late. Please email me if you see that your child is struggling. I will help your child find new books that can motivate them to read!

Finding Out if a Book is AR

I know many of you have tons of books at home that your students have purchased during the book fair, gotten as gifts, etc. If you have ever wondered whether or not those books are AR, there's an easy way to find out. Use the website below and you can easily find out the reading level, quiz number and point value of all the books on their bookshelves.

Go to to look them up!

Be sure to write down the quiz numbers for any that they may need to test on because that is much easier than trying to type in the title of each book.

About Ms. Crystal

I have been the librarian at BES since 2003 and I truly love my job and your students! I work hard at trying to help them become lifelong readers! If you ever need me, the best way to get in contact with me is via email.