Anatomy Homeostasis Project

By Ethan Dunn


The temperature in the oven drops below it's intended temperature.

In picture the temperature is 365 degrees while the set temperature is 375 degrees.


The thermometer in the oven realizes that the temperature has changed.

Control Center

The thermometer in the oven compares the temperature and realizes that the temperature is 10 degrees below the intended temperature.


The stove thermometer turns on the heating element until it reaches 375 degrees


The oven temperature is now 375 degrees, the intended temperature. Balance has now been reached.

So is it positive or negative feedback?

The process of the stove turning on the element to return the heat to the proper temperature is an example of negative feedback. It is negative because the temperature is lower than what is needed, so the element turns on to make the temperature go up. You have the temperature go up because it went down, making it negative feedback.