The Revolutionary

the beginning and end of political revolutions

What is a political revolution?

Since the beginning of time, civilizations all over the world have fought for what they believe is right. Many wars have broke out due to disagreements with a government or political party. When a group of people plan to overthrow a government to stand up for what they believe in or fight against a statement that was made, it is called a political revolution. Big and small, there have been many political revolutions that have made a huge impact in history.

The American Revolution

One of the biggest political revolutions that has had a significant impact in history is the American Revolution. Beginning in 1775, colonists in the United States were becoming very angry with Great Britain and the colonial government, which represented the British crown, for troops and upper class-man of the British colony became very controlling over the colonists. Before the war conflict arose, the Britain's took money from the colonists through many unnecessary acts. These acts consisted of the Sugar Act, the Stamp Act, the Boston Massacre, and the Tea Act. The Britain's put taxes on items such as tea, sugar, and paper to make the colonists pay for their rebellion against the British Law. During the Boston Massacre, several colonial soldiers fought British soldiers in the hopes of gaining some freedom back from Great Britain. Unfortunately, the colonists lost the battle as well as many soldiers, but that didn't stop them from fighting for their freedom. Finally, on September 3rd,1783, the United States gained their independence from Great Britain.

The Hunger Games

In the 2012 hit movie "The Hunger Games", Katniss Everdeen, a teenager from the poorest part of the country, shows a true act of bravery as she rebels against the president. For 74 years, there is an event that takes place in the Capitol where two 12-18 year olds from each district are sent into a large simulation center where they are to kill each other until there is one person left. This event began to punish to districts for their rebellion, and to remind them that the Capitol can never be destroyed. Katniss, along with many others, has never agreed with anything the president has said. So, when she is in the Hunger Games she shows that she is not scared and that she will not be played with. Also, at the end of the games Katniss and the other tribute from her district, Peta, are the last two standing, so instead of one having to kill the other, they begin to eat poison berries when the announcer names them both victors. This made the president very upset because there is only supposed to be one victor to come out of the games. This story is a lot like a political revolution because the ruler of the country (political leader) made decisions that the people did not agree with what was put into place, so a rebellion began to fight for freedom.

The Ferguson, Missouri Uprising

Since August 9th, 2014, there has been much discussion about racism and rebellion. It all started when a white police officer shot an African American teenager after he was caught for robbing a convenience store and then trying to make a get away. Trying to stop the criminal from escaping, the police officer shot at the teenager several times, eventually killing him. In our world today, a police officer shooting people of the black race is not something that is uncommon, and many residents who live in Ferguson, Missouri say they have had enough. Since the murder of the teenager in early August, there have been many riots, arrests, and gun fire in Ferguson by protesters who are very angry that the police officer that killed the teenager is not being punished for what he has done. Many believe that, not only in this case but in many other cases, that the police officers that have killed black criminals are not punished for their doings based on their race. So, in rebellion against the political officials, there have been protests and riots all over the country by people who believe a person's race should not effect the punishment of a person. Even though there are many sides to the story of the Ferguson shooting, many people have still decided to fight for what they believe in, no matter the consequences.