Nov 8- Get Whitt it!

For the strength of the pack is the wolf & the strength of the wolf is the pack...

Hey classroom teachers! Did you complete your accountability cadence check in?

Funeral plans

Team leaders, let me know via email, what your team plans are for the funeral Monday morning...thank you!

Thank you UIL Coaches and Spring Creek Volunteers!!

Doing something extra, especially in the FALL is hard...thank you so much for giving if your time to give our Wolves these special experiences. Both of these events are highlights for our people, big and small, and know that we are so thankful of your giving selves!

Thanksgiving lunch is tomorrow!! If lines run long, we'll communicate to you via walkie!

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Morgan's Musings

WIN Spreadsheet

Please update your spreadsheet if any changes have occurred! We should be able to find a kiddo, see what day they stay, and see what room they will be in for WIN time.

Here is the link.

RTI Documentation for Progress Monitoring

Just a friendly reminder to upload progress monitors regularly!


Please continue to have those conversations with your kids about the buddy system for the restroom (and the purpose behind it all). Hopefully preventive measures will eliminate (ha!) the need for reactive measures.

Mid Year climate survey

We'll be taking part in a voluntary climate survey this week! Rather than get just data later in the year, we're having an additional midyear check, :) That link will be coming out from Dr. Branch.

New security measures are in place!

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Shout outs!

  • Jessica Travis, you LLI rockstar! Thank you from 1st grade for all the time energy and awesome blue/yellow handouts for the BAS kits.
  • Watching 3rd grade process TEK data from combined tests is a sight to see!
  • 4th grade ELA team is ROCKING it!
  • Kinder survived BAS! Woohoo!
  • Thank you JH and JT for being on the textbook adoption committee!



Kristi Paramore 2

Kristin Stevens 6

Jill Johnson 9

Marisol Schoeck 13

Brittney Brown 14

Denise Arellano 14

Morgan Power 25

Sheree Turner 26

Erin Jacobs 27

Lacey Boruk 28

Calendar Comings


8 Thanksgiving Lunch day, UIL night, Spring Creek night

9 Allergy guy- special presentation!

12 School board meeting

13 AT out ESC, 4th grade to Austin

14 team leaders meeting (we will meet!)

15 3rd grade Veteran's program



26 WW Christmas begins!


28 Nat'l French Toast day! Enjoy breakfast from us in the lounge!!

29 Parent think tank ,6-7pm


May we be as passionate about instruction as Cowboys fans were during the Titans game...