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Newsletter Vol. 15 - December 2014

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Canvas Update

Canvas is updated every three weeks. The next update is scheduled for Saturday, December 20th. In this newsletter you’ll find highlights of the current production release, but for the full list of upgrades and enhancements from Canvas, click here: Production Release Notes 12.20.14. You can also watch the video below.
12.20.2014 New Feature Screencast

New Feature: Files Redesign

Canvas has implemented a vastly improved redesign of Files, which will make searching and sorting the files you upload much easier! You can now:

1) search for files or folders by name.

2) sort files and folders by Date Created, Date Modified, Modified By, and Size. Just click one of these categories to choose your sorting method.

3) publish and unpublish files and folders. This option is available when you click the cloud icon, which also allows you to restrict access to students by date.

4) view a thumbnail of the file instead of an icon for file type. This will help you identify the files you need more quickly.
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Canvas Tip: Organize Your Files

If you plan to give students access to Files, the Canvas team advises that you organize your documents in folders to make navigating the directory as easy as possible. You can create a new folder by clicking "+ Folder" in the upper-right corner. You can use folders to organize content by type, weeks, units, or any other method of organization that makes sense for your course.
You may still opt to hide Files from students, because you can always link to any file in your directory on a page, calendar event, discussion, or assignment instructions. To hide Files click Settings in the course menu on the left, click Navigation at the top of the screen, drag Files to lower part of the screen, and click Save.

Student Perspectives

One of the most helpful features of Canvas for me is the calendar. It is always the first place I go when I need to see what is due because it not only visualizes how many items are on my agenda but I get a chance to see what is planned weeks in advance in each of my classes, which are all shown color-coded. When I am studying previous material for a midterm or a final, it is easy to go back and trace what lesson was covered on what day. Canvas is also very useful if I have to get in contact with my class, whether it is regarding a textbook I need to borrow or information about something I missed, I am able to access that information through the “People” tab. I also link Canvas to my e-mail so that if there are any updates on my Canvas page, such as assignments being posted or grades, I get an e-mail saying that there was something added. My phone then notifies me whenever I get an e-mail and I am able to stay up-to-date on my all of my assignments.

- Jennifer Joo, '17

Canvas Assistance for Winter Term

The Canvas Team will be holding Open Office Hours every day the first week of term. We will be in the Arts and Humanities Resource Center (2nd floor of Bartlett Hall). Please feel free to drop by, and instructional designers will be available to offer assistance with your course sites. No appointments necessary! Our Open Office Hours schedule is available here:


If you need immediate assistance while the college is closed over winter break (December 24th - January 4th), click Help in the upper-right corner in Canvas and use Live Chat or a Canvas hotline. You may also email educational.technologies@dartmouth.edu, and an instructional designer will get back to you as soon as possible.

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