Get Fit with Bend Boot Camp

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Class Times & Location

Class Locations July 18-23 will be:

Monday 6am & 8am at Pine Nursery Park

Wednesday 6am & 8am at Pine Nursery Park

Friday 6am & 8am Pilot Butte.

Saturday 8am - No Class

For most of the Summer Season, our classes will be moving outdoors! Yay!

Please make sure to always register for your classes online, so that we can plan ahead for our training program, as well as let you know where our location is at. If the weather changes, we want to make sure everyone knows where we will be!

The Early Bird Gets the Worm!

Early Morning Exercise

You may wonder….. Why would you possibly want to get up early in the morning to exercise? Isn't your bed a better place to be at a crazy hour like 6 AM?!?! Well there are a few simple answers to this question....

Let's start off with the fact that when you wake up in the morning your metabolism is running pretty slowly. Certain things help to raise your metabolism:

1. Exercise
2. Eating

So you should do both! Let's try starting off with the exercise;-)

Cardiovascular exercise, like running and many of the exercises we do in Boot Camp to get your heart rate up, will get your muscles moving and jump start your metabolism for the day. The more you move, the higher your metabolism cranks up!

Resistance Training, i.e., Weight Training and high intensity interval training (sprints, jump squats etc), will continue to get you moving and increase your metabolism. However, resistance training and intervals will not only increase your metabolism during the exercise time, but for the rest of the day! Even beyond: increased muscle mass and tone will allow your body to increase the number of calories burned daily...just by being there! It is important to have heavy enough weights to increase that muscle mass so talk to me if you are unsure if yours are heavy enough. Everyone should be using 5 lb weights!

The higher your metabolism is and the quicker you get it started in your day, the more calories you burn each day. So it makes perfect sense that exercise first thing in the morning will produce the greatest results for your body!

You really don’t want to miss your Boot Camp workout to get your metabolism fired up for the day! It is Always an adventure that gets your day started on the right note.

See you on Monday! You are doing great! If you have any questions or concerns please contact me any time!

Saturday Count Down Work out!

We won't be having class this Saturday, but here is an awesome workout to get you moving! How many rounds can you do?!

  • 100 Walking Lunges
  • 90 Plank Jacks
  • 80 Medicine Ball Slams
  • 70 Crunches
  • 60 Jumping Jacks
  • 50 Jump Squats
  • 40 Donkey Kicks
  • 30 Burpees
  • 20 Tricep Push ups
  • 10 Prisoner Get Ups