Dangerous Phone Time

Your Phone is Fun, but Not for Long

Your Phone Could Ruin Your Life

Your phone could ruin your life. Although you might think your phone is good for, its actually messing up your life. It's causing physical problems with your body and the way it works. It's also a huge distraction when you should be focusing on more important things in life.

Do You Think Digital Distraction is a Big Issue for Learners Today?

Yes I do think that digital distraction is a big issue for learners today. I think that it's a big distraction because i am a learner/student myself, and i can admit that my phone does distract me during school hours. The sudden urge to check your phone and see if you have a new Snapchat, or to update your status, or a post a picture that you took is distracting students from learning. Cell phones are quite addicting and distracting.

Julianna Rogers 7th hour

How Will This Article Change My Cell Phone Usage?

This article will change my cell phone usage by informing me that cell phones are very distracting and dangerous too. Cell phones fry your brain and as a young learner my brain is one thing that i need desperately, so if keeping my brain in shape means less phone time then less phone time it is.