Women, People Or Not?

Women's Suffrage, April 18th @ 1PM

Join Our Women's Suffrage Seminar

In our women's suffrage seminar we talk about how women have gained the right to vote, the instrumental women involved,what the constitution said about women, and man's views of women in the 1800's. You should join our seminar because you will learn how women were treated in the past, how they have equal rights now and organizations that have lobbied for equality. You will learn from a panel of women speakers who demonstrate extensive knowledge and passion for the women's suffrage. You will also hear powerful speeches written by an author named Susan B. Anthony and many more.

April 18th from 1:00 to 3:00

Anyone 18 and older can join our great debate. To sign up please vist our link below to sign up. Registration is free and easy!

Why are you different from other women suffrage classes?

We are different because we debate and talk about how far women have come. We also talk about how women are people and should been seen as equals to men. We will discuss how men in respect to careers and salaries. Women's thoughts matter, we want you to come share your thoughts with us. We will talk about how much progress women still can make and steps we can take to ensure prosperity for the generations to come.

Women Are Strong

Women are strong and our success proves it.