Converse's Weekly Team Report

We are one team, with one mission, to be our best together!


  • No birthday wishes this week.
  • I saw good things happening with the BURST program we use with our Intervention groups in Title One. Thanks to Kristen, Alayna, Whitney, and Denise!
  • Congrats to Stacie Hensley and Michelle Turanchick for being "featured" in Autumn's eLearning Tech Bytes update! Feel free to stop by Stacie's room to check out the grandparents' books or stop by Michelle's room to see the app she recently implemented.

Team Announcements

  • Please welcome Nancy VanWinkle as one of our "regulars". She is taking Heather's leave for the semester.
  • Teachers, please get me your 6+1 Writing summary by the end of next week, Jan. 16th.
  • Perfect attendance recess for the second 9 weeks is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 8th, from 12:30-12:50.
  • Staff, as much as we appreciate the offer to help (and believe me when I say we hate having to turn down help), we no longer can allow staff to help change the stapler or the toner cartridges on the copy machines or the color printer when they run out. I need you to let Brooke (or myself) know when it is out and then “patiently” wait for when it can be replaced by herself or myself. Also, a reminder that if you are working on a paper jam please remember the two following items: (1) NEVER continue pulling out a paper if you hear a ripping sound, a small piece of missed paper in the machine can lead to multiple hours of shut down and repair in searching for it. If you hear paper begin to rip, please feel free to get Brooke or I. We will be happy to try to help you. (2) Also, NEVER use an item to get out a jam (like a pencil, scissors, or a paperclip) due to damages that can occur. Please know that I know our copiers are a source of frustration for many of you and I so apologize for that. Also know that sharing the above information is in an attempt to lessen those frustrations. Lastly, also know that I have shared our concerns with the admin. bldg. and it is being looked at to see if there is any short term option to help with the frustrations. Regrettably, copiers and leases for copiers are incredibly expensive. Thanks for your continued effort to work as a team to address our copier issues!

Team Focus

"Walls Talk" from Principal (sept/oct 2014 issue)

Here are three quick points from the following article about how and what we choose to put on our walls in a school classroom or building:

Real-world problems matter:

  • What is the real world problem or driving question of this project? (Is the standard posted?)
  • Who is solving the problem - the teacher or students?
  • What role is the teacher playing to help students establish potential solutions?
Engage students in in-depth inquiry:

  • Are students engaged in a rigorous, extended process of asking deeper questions, using resources, and developing answers?
  • Are students given opportunities to use multiple resources to develop and present answers to deeply probed questions?
Reflection and revision:

  • How are students reflecting on their ideas?
  • What opportunities do students have to evaluate and revise their work by challenging themselves to see if they have discovered the best answer?
  • What documents the revision process as students use feedback to add to or change their project, moving to higher quality solutions?
While some of this may seem over the heads of PK-2nd grade, it did challenge me to think more about what we choose to put on our walls for the students in order to encourage higher level thinking. Let me know if any of the points get you to thinking as well...

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