BWPS Library News

"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader!" Margaret Fuller

Welcome to our library

Welcome to our school library-a place to learn, explore, and create. At BWPS, we encourage students to question, innovate, and problem solve. The library places a key role in encouraging a love of reading as well as scaffolding critical thinking. It provides support for teaching and learning throughout the school, directly impacting student understanding and achievement. Resources reflect student interests, support our curriculum, and celebrate our community's diversity. We invite you to celebrate our learning!

Tournament of Books

Get ready for the Tournament of Books. See the books posted outside of the library. Each week, two books will face off against each other. Vote for your favourite book. Will it advance into the second round, competing against newly posted books? Join in the reading fun!

Meet the Author

Battle of the Books

This year, junior students met daily to read during recesses and lunches. They formed teams and developed strategies to cover 40 nominated books. The goal of Battle is to identify the author, title, or character from 4 clues. If the author/title/character is identified in the first clue, students score 10 points. With each clue, scores are reduced by 2 points so that, if the author/title/character is identified using all 4 clues, the team scores 4 points.

From over 40 students, a team of 6 was chosen to represent BWPS at our official Battle. They battled valiantly against 11 schools proudly representing our school. Well done, Warriors! You did an amazing job!