Exxcel Media Group - "When Results Count" | Nov 1, 2015

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"For a small busines or a professional practice your REPUTATION IS YOUR BRAND". | C.C. Collins, Founder & CEO, Exxcel Media Group

“The simple truth is, if you aren’t deliberate, systematically, methodically or rapidly and dramatically establishing yourself as a celebrity, at least to your clientele and target market, you're asleep at the wheel, ignoring what is fueling the entire economy around you, neglecting development of a measurably valuable asset”. | Marketing Expert, Dan Kennedy

Exxcel Notes is a monthly newsletter designed to introduce, inform, fill in the gaps and make useful online marketing tools like: Authority Marketing |Reputation Marketing | Search Egine Marketing | Mobile Marketing | Social Media Marketing | SEO.

Believing that there is a glut of information overload we will strive to be concise, to the point and, above all useful with no more that seven minutes of your time required for each issue.

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From The Hip - Dated Nov 1, 2015

An Offer You Might Refuse, But Shouldn't (Hint: No Cost Involved)

We've recently gained approval for correspondent status on USA Today online edition. Geting people and businesses mentioned on USA Today is a service for which we intend to charge $597 in the very near future.

Presently thought we need a few "Beta Tester" clients to put through the process in the real world so we can optimize our process. When accepted, a beta tester client will get this service without any cost whatsoever. There is a small catch though.

Honestly, we can only take a handful of "Beta Tester" clients so it's

first come first served. The catch is that we ask you to agree to refer

our service; reputation marketing, authority marketing, search engine marketing, lead generation video production etc to just three service business OWNERS that you PERSONALLY know within 30 days AFTER we get you mentioned on USA Today.

It's the honor system and we trust you will do as you promise. Fair

enough? We think so.

Contact us now for us to get you started. Call: 719-377-2560(message) or info@exxcelmediagroup.com >>>Subject Line: USATODAY

Newest Lead Generation Video For Real Estate Profession

Our new lead generation video developed for the real estate profession. We customize with your information and deliver within seven business days. Contact us to get started.


Until Next Issue

If you have made all the way here to the bottom of the page, many thanks! We feel you deserve a REWARD of sorts. Here is where I will always try to include ONE extra tidbit of INFORMATION that just may be useful to you in your business or professional practice.

Nothing herein is going to pertain to everyone, every time. Still though I do endeaver to bring as much innovation here as I can and most entrepreneurs that I know find virtually any type of innovation at least interesting.

This month the SPOTLIGHT is on an innovative service that provides PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS using state of the art, multi-layered security with advanced privacy protection using VPN Tunneling. Not free but one of the best services for one of the best prices you'll find, about $40/YR. Even if not for you, interesting information found HERE. Useful for anyone using the internet but ESPECIALLY if one is using PUBLIC wi-fi access.

Until next issue.


C.C. Collins

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