Wilbur Wright

By: Andy Zheng


Wilbur Wright was born on April 16, 1867. During his life, Wilbur often played with toys that his father brought back home. He had a brother, Orville Wright, and a sister, Katharine Wright. There were other children, too. They were Reuchlin, Lorin, and twins, Ida and Otis. Throughout his life, he was the editor of a newspaper, ran a bike shop, and built the first successful airplane. His life was a good life.

"I confess that in 1901 I said to my brother Orville that man would not fly for fifty years." -Wilbur Wright

Fun Facts

  • The first airplane was a glider.
  • Their father partly disagreed with the brothers, he once said this, “It is impossible for men in the future to fly like birds. Flying is reserved for the angels. Do not mention that again or you be guilty of insulting your religion.”
  • Neither of the Wright brothers married throughout their lives. Wilbur is recorded as once saying that he “did not have time for both a wife and an airplane.”
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Wright Brothers Museum, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina - April 2012

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