100 Meter Dash

Olympic Track Event

The fastest, shortest race in the Olympics.

Men and women have been competing in the 100m dash since 1928. It is a fast-paced event where sprinters compete to run 100m faster than their competitors. The sprinters fly through the air, all hoping for the gold. This is the shortest track running event in the Olympics.

Battle Between Genders

In the 100m dash, the Olympic committee does not permit co-ed competition. If it was allowed then I have the results that would allow us to predict what the outcome would be.

The Goal

I used past information from previous Olympic competitions to set a line of best fit to be able to predict the outcomes of what would occur if men and women went head to head. I could also use this information to see if the future results would change in any way.

Scatter Plot

The purple squares represent the men and the blue x's represent the women.

Lines of Best Fit

Each line represents one line of best fit, men or women gold medalist times. The red line of best fit represents the women and the blue represents the men.

Where Men and Women Intersect

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While it would be very unlikely for men and women to have the exact same time, it is very important to what we are trying to find out. The intersection point shows us where men and women would be the same speed as each other. Male times seem to be decreasing, which means they are getting faster over time. For women, they seem to be leveling out, which means that they are not getting faster or slower. Mens times are decreasing at a faster rate. In the present, the male times are less than the female. The male times will continue to gradually get faster, leaving the female times back in the dust.

X and Y Coordinate Meanings

The X Coordinate

The X coordinate shows what year the male and female competitors will be at the same rate. The X coordinate shows the year 1875, which is not an Olympic year. If it was going to be an Olympic year it would be in 1876. According to the lines of best fit, this is where men will start out preforming women.

The Y Coordinate

The Y coordinate shows the time for men and women would be 11.49 seconds if the event was held in 1875. Since there would not be an event till 1876 then the times would be slightly different. Even though it would be almost the same, the men would start out preforming the women by then.
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London olympic women's 100m sprint final
Usain Bolt Breaks 100m World Record In 9.69 Seconds - Beijing 2008 Olympics