Poetry Month Activities

Resources for April

Poetry Month Resources

April is National Poetry Month, and this year we have lots of resources to share with teachers and students to help them explore and enjoy poetry.

You may use any of these resources in your classroom and may also use any poetry books that strike your fancy, and you should feel free to use your two library passes to send students to the Media Center for poetry stations any time in April (except during Enrichment Clusters on Friday afternoons).

Poetry Month Challenge

On Friday, April 1, every student will receive a special bookmark. It lists 10 poetry activities that can be done this month, such as reading a poem aloud to a friend or illustrating a poem written by someone else.

Every time a student completes an activity, their bookmark may get hole-punched. When they have done all 10, they will receive a bracelet. Hole punches may be made by teachers, TAs, or media staff.

Online Poetry Reading

It can be fun for kids to hear a poet read his/her poems aloud. If they follow this Scholastic link, kids can listen to a Jack Prelutsky poem from his website. website

In addition, there is a poetry read aloud station in the Media Center that has a califone, headphones, and Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky poems on cassette.

Write an I Spy poem

There is a familiar cadence and style to I spy poems. Follow this link to write your own I Spy poem with Jean Marzollo.

We have printed the directions and have a place in the Media Center with I Spy books and paper for students who want to try this independently.

I spy link

Publish a Poem Online

This month, students will be taught how to use Kidblog during tech classes. Then they can share their poetry with each other and comment on poems they read. We have set the privacy levels so that anything posted by a student must be reviewed by a teacher. No comments are allowed from outside of the school. Kidblog has been updated and is linked to Google Docs. This blog will give us a chance to see how well Kidblog fits with our school.

Kelly Lane Poets


Here's a collection of leveled poems to use with your students. Each poem, or pair of poems, comes with a text-based question set that can help move your students to comprehension.


poem in your pocket day

This year, Poem in your Pocket Day will be celebrated on April 21 - all across America and in Kelly Lane School. We encourage everyone to memorize a short poem and carry that poem in your pocket. During the day, people you meet in the hall, on the playground, or in the classroom may ask you to recite your poem - Be ready!!

Poem in Your Pocket

IPAD Poetry

We've purchased a creative writing tool for the iPads called "Word Creativity Kit" which gives students a chance to think outside of the box, create found poetry, and have fun with silly words and images. We'll explore this in the Library and invite you to let us know if it works out well in your classrooms.

library centers

Our library will have the following centers set up this month.

  • Write an I spy poem - with the directions from Jean Marzollo and I spy books.
  • Try a color poem - with paint chips and directions on writing a color poem
  • Record a Tongue Twister - with push button voice recorders and a variety of twisters
  • Poems for two voices - a variety of books for kids to share
  • Listening center - Califone with cassettes of Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky
  • and more... as we find them