It's #CelebrateMonday!

Once You Stop Learning, You Start Dying.--Albert Einstein

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Change is an opportunity to do something amazing! George Couros

No one person is smarter than the collective ideas and thoughts of everyone together. Individually we may have expertise, but that expertise is made stronger through connecting and sharing with others. Peter DeWitt
Obvious to you. Amazing to others. - by Derek Sivers
Click on to open up a Padlet. Please, feel free to SHARE a resource! Just double click to add text, video, sound recordings, links, pictures, etc. The possibilities are endless!

What kind of positive impact could we make if we were all connected, shared ideas, and engaged in conversations that would help our kids?

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How would our schools change if EVERYONE had a mindset of being a leader?

Kid President is BACK with BIG NEWS!

2016 is the YEAR OF THE KID!

How Might The Learning Of Our Students Be Impacted IF in our district Teachers were connected and could collaboratively plan engaging learning experiences, create common assessments, and participate in conversations about student learning? (24/7, real-time, anywhere)

Stars Go Dim - You Are Loved [Official Music Video]

You Are Loved! Have an Awesome Week! #grateful4you

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Become A Connected Educator and Build Your PLN

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